Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dr Ann Tracy's post in USA Today on the prescription drug use

Yes they have taken the bait again and fallen hook line and sinker, but this time the cost will be FAR GREATER!!! The death toll at this point is beyond belief with "properly prescribed" prescription drugs killing as many every week as we lost at 9/11. (That is according to a study done by pharmacists - And who has gone to war over this type of terrorism? The whole country should be up in arms yet we continue to sleep through it all wondering what is wrong with our world!

Do the drug companies care like they tell us they do on TV? Why should they? They are much too busy making trips to the bank - the biggest industry of death and destruction on the planet. Wish everyone could see how many deaths I see every day as a result of this mass drugging. If they would just drop dead that would be one thing, but on antidepressants and other serotonergic meds (pain killers & atypical antipsychotics) they generally take their families out before taking their own lives.

They tried giving us LSD and PCP as prescription drugs in the late 50's and they were pulled from the market, but now we have them as the most popular prescription drugs on the market with all new names. And they did it without us even noticing why they called this the Decade of the Brain in our Orwellian nightmare society. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,
International Coalition for Drug Awareness &

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Monty said...

I think that this is great and i really appreciate that there are people out there that do step up to the plate on this and really expose the facts for what they are. I work at a medical Detox facility as a counselor and deal with this daily and actually see it ruining people lives. Read this article as this IS the truth.