Friday, February 15, 2008

ALL who witness these crimes and do nothing are GUILTY!

Shame on the FDA, Bush, and all who witnessed the harms of the drugs and did
nothing. Every "so called protective agency (Texas DHS, Texas O.I.G., Texas
MEFU, CMS, APS, the Attorney ADLitem in Hood County guardianship case, 3 nursing
home doctors, lazy nurses who just want all patients drugged into perpetual
objects, all saw the harms of the Texas Medication Algorithm Projet (TMAPS - read more "HERE")drugs to Mom, they all ignored and even
tried to cover-up. You may also add much of the media for not reporting to
inform and warn citizens.
Yes, I'd love to go before the FDA. But, the big picture is that the
pharmaceutical companies, doctors, corrupt over-sight agencies, and G.W. Bush
should be prosecuted for the harms and killings of the atypical antipsychotic
drugs which are mandated by Bush's TMAPS for-profit scheme.
There have been far more deaths to nursing home residents and children due to
the side effects of the drugs, than there have been due to suicide, and caring
family members who did research and tried to stop the prescribing of the drugs
being forced upon our loved ones, only got retaliated against.
There are plenty of listed side effects of the drugs, even without those that
were hidden, and though suicide is a high concern, patients and family members
should not continue to take side effects lightly.
G.W. Bush and all those involved should be prosecuted for all the harms and
killings (not just suicides). With criminal charges that the pharmaceutical
companies are facing due to TMAPS, why leave the other criminals out. If you
want change, justice, care, and accountability, the mission should be to impeach
and prosecute to send a strong message to the industries and the politicians who
have put their love of blood money above delivering care, justice, and
Tell Congress, it's not too late to impeach and prosecute Bush for all the
reported harms, killings, and frauds.
Brenda A. Durant

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