Wednesday, January 2, 2008


When Sarina became victim to Suicide-Causing SSRI Anti-Depressants, we submerged ourselves into her foundation; into getting Sarina's Voice heard. We continue to do so everyday and will continue for everyday to come until Sarina's Voice can carry the news of these horrendous killer drugs to all. Until something is done either by legislature or public outcry or the flat out refusal of people to subject themselves and their children and everyone else to this torture.
If people knew the facts about these drugs, they would not use them! They would not make SSRI's their "chemical babysitters"! THESE DRUGS KILL! What else is there to know? Plenty of information to back this up is readily available to anyone on the Internet with the desire to see the truth. The truth is what Sarina's Voice and the COPES Foundation are all about. Exposing the truth so everyone is aware of the danger that confronts us everyday! It's not enough to keep your kids off of these drugs, however. You also have to worry about your kids friends, their teachers, bus drivers, neighbors, cousins, uncles, aunts, you, your spouse, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. The list goes on and on. Everyone has the potential to be affected in a horrible way. I fear everyone will be affected by SSRI's in a devastating way in their lifetime. That's why we look to abolish these drugs completely. Of course that is a large order and there is much to consider. Putting aside the obvious problem of the drug companies and everyone else profiting from these drugs we still need to think about withdrawals, substitute treatments, loss of jobs, etc. BUT IT MUST BE DONE! WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN! The lives we are sacrificing to keep these drugs are increasing dramatically. When will enough be enough? When will people open their eyes? When will we realize that "this really could happen to me"? I wish I knew. I know one thing though. It will be easier to do with the support of everyone who reads this. With the support of not only those who have lost someone but also those who don't want to lose someone. To those who think that big business and profits don't have to come at the expense of other human beings. To those who think the "American Way" is supposed to be a good thing!
Help spread the word, talk to your politicians, talk to the newspaper or TV station about doing a story, talk to your friends and family. Help educate America and the world by letting Sarina's Voice be heard! At the very least, pass this on and sign the petition at . Remember there is no donation required to sign the petition and donations on the petition website don't go towards COPES Foundation. Also visit our website at and email us your name and information to .
Thank you in advance for your time, your effort, your support. Thank you in advance for the safety of our children and grandchildren. Thank you for joining together to make SARINA'S VOICE heard.

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