Tuesday, January 1, 2008

"Medication for Depression" The excuse is the cause

Whenever a tragedy happens and people say he/she was on "medication for depression," people regard that as some justification for the event. In other words "Of course she jumped off that building. She was on medication for depression. She was depressed and couldn't take it anymore. Not even her medicine could save her" or "That's why he set himself on fire, he has had depression since he was ten. He was given Anti-Depressants. What else could have been done?" Unfortunately, this is the thinking of most people. And why not? It makes sense right? Only if you want to pass over it and not think about it anymore. In reality the "medication for depression" is causing more depression, mania, bi-polar disorder, akethisia (the feeling of crawling out of your skin), seizures and so on. That is what makes it unbearable! Trying to control things like serotonin, cortisol (basically trying to control the complex human brain) causes dangerous imbalances in the brain and body and any number of unpredictable and uncontrollable responses. At the same time you are taking away their ability to cope with these problems. That's why the man who was depressed from age ten doesn't act out on his thoughts until he is subjected to an SSRI anti-depressant or has his dosage increased or has his medication changed or stops taking it abruptly. A person who is "depressed" gets suicidal and homicidal ideations FROM the medicine not IN SPITE OF the medicine!

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